kisalex (kisalex) wrote,

So I was watching that Genesis landing live

while pretending to work out @ the local gym. It was live, i.e. everybody was expecting the safe return etc. Commentators discussed how the helicopters would scoop it ("They practiced it many times, and only one time a helicopter didn't catch it, but the back-up helicopter did it instead"), while watching the probe tumbling in the air ("Has the parachute already opened up? No? Well, it's probably tumbling too fast, but here's the helicopter, let's see how they're going to go fishin'"). Then the camera jerks suddenly, and in a second it shows the probe sitting on the desert floor, cracked and shit. Commentators still discuss the plans etc., and then one female anchor chirps: "Oh wait, did it already land? Looks like it did. And it crashed... Does it mean the whole mission is a bust? (cheerfully) That's a $260 million dollar question!"

The whole gym: "Fcukers!!!!"

Oops, we did it

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