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Завтра играем здесь. В программе: фильмы платья песни пляски. Вот интересно, поить будут вином или водкой или вообще не будут? А то ведь я и принести могу, со стаканчиками.

Завтрашний состав: Челяпов на дудках, Adam Levy на контрабасе, ВПС на нервах. Недолго - пока кинщик отдыхает, да протирает спиртом оптические оси. С 4:30 до 6 PM.

Полное расписание фестиваля:

Events for the Melnitz/Bridges Theater, March 7 2009
Openings remarks by Artemii Troitskii and Valerii Todorovskii
Total running time of cartoons: 82 mins 
  • Lullabies of the World, Liza Skvortsova (9’)
  • Little Vasilisa, Darina Schmidt (15’)
  • He and She, Maria Muat (13’)
  • Arctic Hole, Alexei Alexeev (2’)
  • The Stupid One (Glupaya), Ekaterina Sokolova (13’)
  • Lavatory Love Story (Ubornaia istoriia – Liubovnaia istoriia), Konstantin Bronzit (10’)
  • The Silly Girl (Devochka Dura), Zoia Kireeva (7’)
  • The Servant –Hare, Elena Chernova (13’)

Details of Cartoons
Lullabies of the World (Kolybel’nie mira), Liza Skvortsova,  (9’)
Mixed technique. Metronom Film, 2007.
Lullabies from Russia; Isle of Man; Ireland
Little Vasilisa (Malen’kaia Vasilisa), Darina Schmidt (15’ 30’’)
Textiles. Studio Melnitsa, 2007. (subtitles)
A film based on fairy tale themes involving the little girl Vasilisa: she is seized by the witch, the Baba Yaga, but a bear comes to her rescue. With the help of three magic objects she outwits Baba Yaga and escapes from the hut … This is Darina Schmidt’s (b. 1983) debut film.
He and She (On i ona), Maria Muat (13’)
Puppet animation. Studio Pchela, 2008. (subtitles)
The film is based on Nikolai Gogol’s story Old-World Landowners, about an old couple who cannot live without each other…. Maria Muat (b. 1951) has won numerous national and international awards for her films.
Arctic Hole [Pole Hole] (Poliarnaia iama), Alexei Alexeev (2’)
2D computer animation. Baestarts (Hungary), 2007. (no words)
Far away in the north live some snow owls. One day one owl falls into a hole, and the others look down – and fall down into the same hole…. Since 2004 Alexei Alexeev (b. 1967) has worked at the studio Baestarts in Budapest.
The Stupid One (Glupaia), Ekaterina Sokolova (13’)
Drawn animation. Studio A, Ekaterinburg, 2008. (no text)
Ravens are generally speaking intelligent birds, but in a village there was a really daft raven… Ekaterina Sokolova made her first film, Autumn has Come, in 1999. Since then she has worked on animated sequences in commercial films.
Lavatory Love Story (Ubornaia istoriia – liubovnaia istoriia), Konstantin Bronzit (10’)
Drawn and 2D animation. Studio Melnitsa, 2006. (no text)
An ordinary loves story that occurs in the most unromantic of all places: a public toilet. Konstantin Bronzit (b. 1965) is one of the best known contemporary Russian animation directors.
The Silly Girl (Devochka-dura), Zoia Kireeva (7’)
Drawn animation. Studio A, Ekaterinburg, 2006. (no text)
The unusual love of a little girl at nursery…. Zoia Kireeva (b. 1972) has won numerous awards for this debut film.
The Servant –Hare (Zaiats-sluga) [series Mountain of Gems], Elena Chernova (13’)
Puppet animation. Pilot Studio, 2007. (subtitles)
Hakim and his wife work hard – but a fire destroys his house. Hakim tricks the three men responsible for the tragedy into buying his hare-servant – played by his wife who performs miracles and fulfils any wish... Elena Chernova works at the Pilot Studio and makes social advertising spots.
A series of more than 100 comic book illustrations will be shown on the Theater’s screen during the lunch break

2PM - 4:30PM
Total running time of doc films: 80 + 46 + 16 = 142 mins
1. THE MOTHER (Mat’)
80 min
Directors: Antoine Cattin and Pavel Kostomarov
Russia, Switzerland, France, 2007
Producer: Elena Hill
Production: Les Films Hors-Champ
Courtesy of kinoteatr.doc
2. GIRLS (Devochki)
46 min, documentary, mini DV, subtitles, 2005.
Director: Valeria Gai-Germanika.
Producer: Mikhail Sinev
A few days in the lives of three Moscow girls, who are on the threshold of adulthood. They are saying farewell to a childhood spent in school yards and house corridors, where everything is happening for the first time: from secretly bought cigarettes and cans of gin-tonic, to receiving a passport, experiencing first love, and almost real tragedies...
3. SISTERS (Sestry)
16 min, documentary, mini DV, subtitles, 2005.
Director: Valeria Gai-Germanika.
Producer Mikhail Sinev
The frank talk of two sisters about their mother against the backdrop of the elder sister’s everyday life.
Valeria Gai Germanika
Director, cinematographer, editor. Born in 1984 in Moscow. In 2005 graduated from the School of Cinema and TV “Internews” (course of Marina Razbezhkina). She made her first film at the age of 19. The film “Girls” was the best short film of “Kinotavr” in 2006; prize-winner and participant of many festivals.

Acoustic music will be provided in between the day’s films by Alex Kiskachi, Leo Chelyapov and Adam Levy



Running time: 84 mins

(Vse umrut, a ia ostanus’)
2008, Russia, col., 1:1.85, Dolby Digital

Director Valeria Gai Germanika
Scriptwriters Alexander Rodionov, Yuri Klavdiev
Director Valeria Gai Germanika
Director of Photography Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev
Production Design Denis Shibanov
Costume Design Alexander Petlyura
Sound Sergei Ovcharenko
Editing Julia Batalova, Ivan Lebedev
Cast: Polina Filonenko, Agniya Kuznetsova, Olga Shuvalova, Julia Alexandrova, Donatas Grudovich, Anastasia Zabadaeva, Olga Lapshina, Alexei Bagdasarov, Inga Strelkova-Oboldina, Garold Strelkov, Irina Znamenshchikova, Alexandra Kamyshova, Evgenia Presnikova, Maxim Kostromykin
General Producer Igor Tolstunov
Co-Producer Anna Kagarlitskaya
Production Film Company ProFIT
Three sixth-formers – Katya, Vika and Janna – the most ordinary girls from a Moscow suburb, a so-called bedroom community, find out on Monday that there will be a disco at the school on Saturday: the first in the new school year. All week long they prepare for this main event in their lives. But Katya has insulted a teacher and the disco may be cancelled... All week long the girls try to find a common language with parents, teachers, schoolmates, and finally with each other. After the disco they are no longer friends, and they are no longer what they were before...
World Premiere: 21 May 2008, competition of the International Critics’ Weeks (Semaine de la Critique) IFF in Cannes, where the film won the Camera d’Or jury diploma for best debut.
Select Director’s Filmography:
2005     Sisters (doc.)
2005     Girls (doc.)
2006     Boys (doc.)
2006     He’s Gone (doc., with Boris Khlebnikov)
2007     Infante’s Birthday [not released]
2008     Everyone Dies but Me

P.S. Статья в L.A. Times.

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