kisalex (kisalex) wrote,

R.C. revisited

Вчера, записывая перкуссию для нескольких трэков, услыхал интересное мнение о Рэе Чарльзе. Барабанщик Джефф на моё сожаление о пропущенных похоронах оного, сказал примерно следующее: "Oh he's great, but heard more than a few gripes about him from fellow musicians. The guy'd pay each of his band members on the road around $650/week, and they'd have to cover most of their expenses (hotel, etc.) themselves. At the same time he was making $$$millions from the records, Pepsi commercials, etc... Ray said it was smth to do with the production company's contract, but it's total b.s., the producers did what the he wanted."

М-да... Но - великий.

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