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Другими глазами: книги нашего детства

В поисках англорецензий на англопереводы советской детской классики ("Крокодил Гена" и "Простоквашино"), нашел еще один "веселый" отзыв. На этот раз - на волковские "Волшебник Изумрудного Города" и "Урфин Джус и его Деревянные Солдаты". Вот - страница на Амазоне. Там читаем:

Grade 4-6--Two Russian novels that have little to offer contemporary American children. The first, an adaptation of Baum's The Wizard of Oz, features familiar characters with unfamiliar names. The second is an original sequel. Marred by stilted language, pre dictable plots, and shallow character izations, the books will be difficult even for adult readers. In Emerald City, the similarity to Baum's work results in a marked lack of suspense or excitement; a distinctly moralizing tone and decidedly ponderous writing style further distance readers from the story. Urfin Jus, the stronger of the two, is similarly flawed. Passive constructions, awkward dialogue and the too-frequent use of repetition distract readers from the adventures. While students of comparative literature or Soviet studies will be intrigued by this unusual opportunity to see how an American phenomenon was incorporated into and adapted by an other culture, most libraries will not need this esoteric volume.

-Lisa Dennis, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Ну что же... Наверное, мы просто все очень необъективно относимся к книжкам нашего детства.

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